Mega Yacht

The Challenge

Work within the constraints of a marine environment and far-flung locations around the globe to engineer some of the most technologically connected yachts afloat today.

The Timeline

6 Months

The client needed to have everything installed and functional before the mega yacht’s maiden voyage, barely 3 months after contacting us. We crafted a comprehensive plan and implemented it, working with the shipyards and naval architects around the world.

We continue to engineer solutions across a variety of vessels, including recent deployments of SpaceX Starlink low-earth orbit satellites in conjunction with traditional methods.


  • Cisco CallManager
  • Cisco Unified Wireless Network
  • Cisco Catalyst Switching
  • EMC Data Storage

The Solution

For some, the perfect getaway might not be a matter of “unplugging” from it all. On the contrary, information has become an integral and valued part of our lives—that’s why a client approached Verity to provide connectivity across his entire megayacht, a vessel greater than 40 meters long. This way, the owner would be able to take in a pleasure cruise while maintaining important ties to the mainland, all on his own terms. The boat-wide secure wireless network would automatically connect to the most appropriate connection available, including VSAT, Cellular, or landline. A phone system deployed throughout the vessel, befitting a Fortune 500 company, ensured reliable communications throughout the living and crew spaces.