Telecommuting and Call Centers

Responding Fast in Times of Need

With the widespread impact of COVID-19, it’s important to take care of ourselves, our families, our employees, and our customers.  Around the world, our business and personal lives have been impacted. Many companies are asking employees to work from home, even those serving in the mission critical business functions such as contact centers.

Some companies need to add an additional contact center system to offload call volumes from an existing system.  Other companies need a contact center solution that doesn’t require sophisticated equipment for agents to work from home. In addition, companies who don’t yet have a contact center are looking to provide their customers with an “emergency hotline” to handle urgent questions. These needs are growing exponentially.

A “call center” can be any size, for any need – even just as simple as keeping in touch with your customers. We can spin up your remote teleworkers in a matter of hours.

Verity is also a pioneer in omni-channel communications, where we can enable your numbers for SMS Texting. Imagine, if phone lines are down or agents are unusually busy, customer communication can still be maintained via SMS Texting which everyone is familiar with (and works on any device!)

Because it’s a cloud solution, we support contact center agents that need to work from home, regardless of endpoints or physical location.  Setting up agents to work from home is simple. We simply remotely connect to a user’s home computer – no need for physical visitation. This ensures they can stay fully productive and connected to customers and the rest of the business.

Great, but does that mean a compromise in quality? No – call quality, analytics, reporting, and supervisory activities are maintained from afar, often resulting in a better experience than legacy solutions.

Verity is committed to helping customers adapt to maintain business continuity and peace of mind during this period of uncertainty. Contact us today at 800-870-7860 or




The Challenge: “We want to direct more incoming calls to our stronger, higher-performing sales agents rather than our lower-producing ones.”

The Verity Solution: When Verity integrates your business call center with your CRM software, we can set up a sophisticated call routing system that fields tens of thousands of calls, dynamically adjusting business rules in real-time based on your predefined criteria. Your key performers, who can log in from any device in any time zone, can service customers and respond to a stream of priority leads efficiently and accurately. Hosted in the cloud or on the premises, the function allows monitoring, logging, and reporting from anywhere.