Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Shelter Through the Storm

You never know. That’s why you’ll find Verity Partners on speed dial at dozens of companies to ensure business continuity in case of system errors, an attack, or an all-out meltdown. Preparedness comes first, so we develop the most ideal data backup solution for you, whether it is a physical onsite server or a system that is universally accessible over the cloud—or a hybrid of the two. Yet our recovery services extend well past restoring data to include organizational aspects that are imperative to get your business back on its feet.

Coronavirus : What do I do?

Our team is closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19. We want to assure you that we have contingency and preparedness plans in place. This will allow us to continue to provide you with the highest level of service that you have come to expect from us as your trusted provider.

We treat this like any kind of disaster: have a plan, and have the tools in place ahead of time. Working from anywhere is woven into our daily fabric, and should be into your business as well. Some ways we can help:

  • FREE WebEx Meeting Accounts
  • Jabber for Mobile so phone extensions follow you anywhere
  • Virtual Desktops in the cloud to keep employees working
  • Virtual Servers in the cloud to keep business humming
  • VPNs and SD-WAN connections to connect without compromise
  • Bandwidth-on-demand, emergency equipment
  • Datacenters in multiple regions to dodge epicenter-focused disasters


Contact us today at 800-870-7860 or email info@veritypartnersinc.com to craft a solution before its too late!

The Challenge: “We already back up our data. Case closed, right?”

The Verity Solution: An emphatic no! Saving data alone will not get your business up and running again. That’s because it isn’t only a matter of losing data—aside from restoring your network, you’ll have your phone system and communication platform to contend with as well. Verity can implement a combination of on-site and cloud solutions or, depending on your scope, multiple data centers in different areas of the world to ensure your applications are safeguarded. Meanwhile, should your office suffer an unforeseen event, your client-facing numbers can still ring and be redirected anywhere you choose. Customers will appreciate your preparedness (or never even know a problem existed), and employees will appreciate knowing their efforts have not been lost.