Art Museum

The Challenge

Clean slate. Often times, this can be the most daunting place to start for any person. The technology behind this world-class facility under construction would need to augment the public museum experience while also serving day-to-day office operations.

The Timeline

1 Year

Faced with a non-negotiable opening date, the museum would need to open its doors “all systems go” with no margin for error.


  • Cisco Nexus Switching and Unified Wireless
  • EMC Data Storage
  • Planar Video Wall
  • Cloud UC Voice
  • Cloud Servers

The Solution

Working closely with the architects, builders, and museum staff on this architectural gem, Verity gathered all requirements and acted as lead consultant and central coordinator of building systems. Everything from the security to air conditioning, even restaurant reservation systems would work over the network backbone. Moving from old facility to new facility was also delicately orchestrated, while removing an antiquated phone system in the process.


While collaborating with an architecturally significant art museum on developing its servers, wireless network, and unified communications systems, Verity’s engineers began to recognize a tremendous opportunity to connect with museum patrons on a one-to-one level. Verity designed a feature-rich mobile app that has become an important part of the museum-going experience, allowing visitors to navigate and learn more about the galleries through online guided tours with Indoor GPS location recognition, with the option to create a custom tour of specific and suggested artworks that pique their interest.