Building Business Services

Something for Everyone

Verity Partners simplifies and provides communications lines and services for commercial and multi-unit properties, collaborating with developers, landlords, property managers, architects, and homeowners’ associations to provide enterprise-grade connectivity at a small-business price for tenants as a shared cost.

The Challenge: “We have a portfolio of properties, and we’d like to present them with one universal service option.”

The Verity Solution: Pooling resources to engage with one provider makes a lot of sense for multi-unit properties that need Verity’s best-in-class tech services. The benefits become even greater for those who require Internet connectivity, VoIP, hi-def videoconferencing, VPNs, and more at multiple locations; having a unified and reliable service simplifies the process for all involved. As an affiliate, we can rebrand (or “white label”) our functions as your own service, or you may prefer to allow us to bill tenants directly. We’ll customize a solution for your needs, however narrow or broad.


Builders, Architects, Landlords, Property Managers: Contact us today to find out how we can modernize and monetize your properties, meeting the demands for next-generation tenants!