Unified Communications

Bringing It All Together

Nobody, at any level, appreciates tasks made more complicated by inefficiencies or duplicated efforts. Sophisticated enterprises and smaller businesses alike can benefit from Verity’s unified solutions, which merge voice, data, wireless, and video for better collaboration across departments, office locations, or even continents.

Check out the latest in Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Business Edition, delivered how you want it at the price point needed. Stay connected using Jabber Client for Mobile, untethering you from physical phone handsets or complex connectivity.

Own it. Host it. However you prefer!

The Challenge: “We’ve converged our voice, video, and data on our own, but the result has been more headaches, straining our networks and our IT personnel.”

The Verity Solution: You won’t truly see the benefits of a converged network if it doesn’t have a properly engineered backbone or specialized knowledge behind it. For your system to withstand the rigors of daily business, Verity will analyze how convergence is best used in your organization to determine the most appropriate, feasible, and cost-effective solutions—figuring out everything from the handsets and dial tone to assisting your staff for ongoing support—so that you can get back to why you decided to implement it in the first place: to streamline and grow your business.