Design + Build

Laying the Foundation

Verity Partners specializes in planning, developing, and commissioning advanced technology systems, overseeing the project from idea through implementation. We have a long history of collaborating with high-profile architects and contractors, who call on our expertise to tame and simplify challenging networks and new building constructions.


The Challenge: “We want to deliver connectivity to underserved areas in the most challenging terrain, far from any infrastructure”

The Verity Solution: Pioneer the latest in wireless optical technology to built an Internet Provider serving rural areas in the Dominican Republic, enabling children to experience YouTube and AI-powered research for the first time ever.


The Challenge: “Our facility is constructed mostly of impact glass and high-density architectural concrete, which are not conducive to a site-wide wireless network.”

The Verity Solution: It can be frustrating when technology has a trouble cooperating with a design vision. But we know a workaround. Verity has experience providing robust indoor and outdoor coverage for large institutions and new constructions, having conspired ways to deploy a unified wireless network in the most subtle and inconspicuous manner. We are very mindful of aesthetic integrity. By installing a combination of access points and centralized controllers, Verity can offer a sprawling campus the benefit of seamlessly flowing information, regardless of architectural materials, allowing patrons to enjoy the space without even thinking about connectivity.