A Fresh Perspective. Staff Multipliers.

Our consultancy arm is the “think tank”, possessing some of the most elite industry certifications and reputation. Whether it’s nimble problem solving at a moments notice with limited detail, or engaging in a long-term strategic relationship augmenting your staff, our business is to improve yours.

If you are starting fresh, whether at a new location or as a brand new firm, establishing IT in your business might seem pretty daunting. It’s possible you don’t know what you need or even where to begin. In our experience, we’ve found that for you to grasp the technology aspect of your company, first you’ll need to understand the people who will be using it. Before embarking on producing an overarching technology plan, Verity believes in getting a clear picture of how it will fit into your staff’s daily operations, including a budget analysis.

Our team is also frequently called upon in Expert Witness or Forensic scenarios to aid, educate, investigate, and render opinions to a variety of audiences.

Our team can act as an extension of yours, and either augment or completely man your help desk support functions transparently to end-users.