Network Operations Support

We Have Your Back

Based in the U.S., Verity’s 24/7 network operations center proactively locates and fixes technical glitches that may arise at your enterprise, warding off potential service interruptions before they even have a chance to occur. The monitoring service is constant and can extend to all the devices in your business, including remote offices and telephone operations.

The Challenge: “Our call center needs to remain functional and supported on weekends, though there is no IT staff to operate or oversee it during those hours.”

The Verity Solution: Should a troubling issue arise for any aspect of your network, an on-call engineer from Verity will notify you—and depending on permissions that you determine, we can dive in and take corrective action without waiting for authorization. That means if a hiccup occurs overnight, we can take action and solve it by the time your employees open the doors the next morning.